Please see the User Manual, the How to Create a Fence training video, or below for help to get started. We recommend having at least ½ an acre of property. Like any GPS-based systems, boundary lines can sometimes vary three to ten feet. For that reason, create your boundary lines at least 15’ from a hazardous area like a road or waterway.

  1. Take your flags and begin walking the area you’d like to fence, placing a flag roughly every 10-20 feet. Remember, your pup will be guided by the tones; the flags are just a helpful visual reminder for you as you test your fence and train your dog.

  2. Hold the collar’s antenna – the circular bump on the back – facing the sky until the collar acquires GPS signal. You’ll know you are connected when the letters GPS at the top of the screen have changed from red to green... but be patient, this can take around a minute. 

  3. Now, press the left button to "create a fence," then the right button to select "custom."

  4. Pick a flag as your starting point (it’s helpful to start at a memorable landmark) and – with the collar’s antenna still facing the sky – begin walking the boundary you’ve created with your flags.

  5. When you’ve walked the boundary for most of your containment area and you’re a few feet from arriving back at your starting point, hit "end" on the collar. The system will automatically snap a line to close the gap, and your fence is complete! 


  1. Live on a large property or body of water? You will want to use the Pause feature. Read more here[link].

  2. Is your property heavily wooded? SpotOn will work as long as you can see the sky between the trees' leaves. If you are under extremely dense tree cover, enable Forest Mode for increased GPS sensitivity.

  3. Once your fence is created, test your boundaries! Activate your map and begin walking toward your boundary lines. An alert tone will sound 10’ from the boundary line. A warning tone will sound 5’ from the boundary line. Using the static correction tester, as you attempt to cross over your boundary line (after the warning tone) you will see the tester light up indicating the signal was sent to your static contact points.

  4. Learn how to create additional fences here.

If you have any questions, we’re here to help. You can reach us at or Monday - Friday 9 am-5 pm (eastern time) at 1.603.488.1504.