You must have a cellular subscription to manage fences on your smartphone. Before you continue, check with AT&T and T-Mobile to be sure there is good 3G coverage in your area. If there is, you can activate cellular here.

If you already have a cellular subscription, both the SpotOn collar and your smartphone must have cell service in order to communicate. You can tell if your SpotOn collar is connected, by observing whether you have bars next to the BT letters on your SpotOn collar screen. If you see NS, then you are not connected to cellular. Walk around your property until your collar is able to connect.

Follow these steps to try to reconnect to cellular:

  1. Power down the SpotOn collar

  2. Wait 5 minutes

  3. Reboot the SpotOn collar outdoors

  4. Do not allow any maps to activate while rebooting

  5. Allow the collar to search for AT&T and T-Mobile cell service in your area

  6. Once your collar has cell service, allow the collar time to upload your map information to your smartphone

If your cellular subscription is active and you’re in an area with poor cell service, find a location with better AT&T and T-Mobile service to download your maps to your smartphone.