Both the SpotOn App and the SpotOn collar each require separate updates, so you will need to check two different areas.

Checking the SpotOn App

Navigate to the "Profile" page, and scroll to the bottom of the page.

In the "Other" section will list the current app version. Presently we are on app version: 1.3.2. If there is an app update that has not been pushed automatically to your phone, you can press the "Refresh" button here and the app will check for any releases available.

Checking the SpotOn Collar Software

Typically, if there is a software update, the collar will prompt you to update the collar software immediately upon connecting to your phone via Bluetooth connection.

If you decline the update, the collar will continue to prompt you in several locations. Your collar and phone must maintain the Bluetooth connection in order to update, and as such, should remain in close proximity to one another.

If you need to start the update manually, connect to the collar in the Dogs screen, and scroll to the bottom of the page.


The current collar software is version 1.4.1. If the collar is not using the current software, an "Update" button will appear and prompt you to start the update. The update can take up to 5 minutes, so it is recommended you set aside enough time to allow the phone and the collar to communicate and update the software.

The collar will continue to update by downloading the collar software to your phone and transferring it via Bluetooth to the collar. If the update is interrupted, please force-close the SpotOn app and restart it to re-initialize the update.

Once updated the Collar Software information will be updated and the Current Version will display without an update button.