Here is a quick guide to the colors and flashing patterns of SpotOn Fence's lights. Tap the power button to see the light. If the light does not go on, your collar is off because you powered it off, or the battery has died.


Your fence is activated and ready to go!

Flashing WHITE

Your collar needs a GPS signal. Move outdoors and wait a few moments for SpotOn to get a GPS signal. Connect to the collar and see the app for details.

The collar will also display a flashing white light when it is first powered on. 


Your collar is on the charger, and your battery is fully charged.

Flashing GREEN

Your collar is on the charger, and the battery is charging.

Solid RED

Your fence may be inactive, or your collar may have a low battery. See the app for details. Use the app to connect to the collar. 

Have questions or need additional help? Reference the user guide or email us here.