Changing the straps is easy. Replace damaged straps or make your SpotOn collar larger or smaller.

Watch the video and use the instructions below to change your strap? Need new straps? You can order straps here.

To change the straps, you will need a strap replacement kit. Each kit contains a strap with a buckle, one strap without a buckle, two small screwdrivers, a threaded post, and a small screw.

How to replace the straps

  1. Using one of the two screwdrivers, hold one screw steady to prevent rotation. Meanwhile, use the second screwdriver to turn the opposite side screw.
  2. Remove the screw and post from the strap and pull the strap out of the main unit.
  3. Replace the new strap in its place. Ensure the raised portion of the strap connector aligns with the collar's front (externally facing part).
  4. Thread the post through the collar and the new strap starting from either side.
  5. Replace the small screw on the other side.
  6. Tighten the screw using one screwdriver to tighten and the other to hold the opposite screw steady. 
  7. Ensure the screw is fully tightened to reduce the risk of strap failure.

If you have questions or need additional help, you can reach us here.