Off-grid Mode is a new feature for campers, hikers, and overlanders who take their dogs to the backcountry where there is no cell service or Internet connection. The mode allows you to create an offline fence and load it to the collar with Bluetooth, even when you don’t have any service. 

With Off-grid Mode, the SpotOn collar will contain your dog in an area so that your dog can roam free, remaining safely off-leash while you camp.

IMPORTANT: DO NOT log out of the SpotOn app when you are Off-grid (without cell service) or else you will not be able to log back in.  

While in Off-grid Mode

  • Your online/existing fences won’t be available.

  • Drawing a fence requires the Internet and is not an option in Off-grid Mode. 

  • You create your offline fence by walking the fence only. 

  • Only one fence can be saved and stored. This offline fence will not be saved after you deactivate Off-grid Mode.

  • Bluetooth must be on to save the fence to the collar and adjust collar settings.

  • Once activated, the fence will protect the dog even when out of Bluetooth range (50 feet).

  • Maps shown in the app require the Internet and will not display or will be blurry.  

  • The following app features are not available: 

    • Notifications

    • Tracking and escape records

    • Call dog and Light

    • Help

    • Changing your dog profile in collar settings. 

  • The app will not notify you if you create a fence that is too small.  Fences should be at least 80 feet (24 m) wide to allow enough room for the dog to play without getting corrected.

  • You can activate Off-grid Mode without Internet but you cannot deactivate Off-grid Mode until you have an Internet connection. 

Activating Off-grid Mode

  1. Navigate to the Profile area of the app.  

  2. Under “Other” select Off-grid Mode. 

  3. Turn the slider on to activate Off-grid Mode.

  4. Confirm that you want to activate Off-grid Mode.

The brown banner will display throughout the app to remind you that the app is in Off-grid Mode.  

Press the manage link to deactivate Off-grid Mode with the slider. 

Creating a fence in Off-grid Mode

When you activate Off-grid Mode you must create a new fence.  Because you are off-grid, you have to walk the perimeter of the fence to save it.  You must ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on/activated e to create a fence. 

  • Turn off the static correction on the collar to avoid mild shocks during testing.

  • Follow the instructions in the app to walk the fence and give it a name.  Note that maps may not load when offline. 

  • Load the fence to the collar using your phone’s Bluetooth connection.

  • Test the fence boundary by walking with the collar from the inside of the fence to the boundary.  

  • Once done testing, the fence will be active.

  • Turn on optional static correction, if needed, before placing the collar on the dog.